U.S. plane crashes in Kyrgyzstan

An American refueling plane that took off in Kyrgyzstan crashed in a mountainous region Friday, a Kyrgyz official said.

Virus Seperti SARS Tewskan Warga Arab Saudi

Arab Saudi – Lima warga Arab Saudi dilaporkan meninggal dunia akibat terserang sebuah virus mirip virus penyebab penyakit sindrom pernapasan akut (SARS). Kelima

High price of free speech

From violence to persecution to detainment, female dissident bloggers around the globe are paying a heavy price for speaking their minds online.

Women punished for freedom blogs

Risking violence and detainment, three women bloggers have championed freedom, and pushed for democratic change in their countries.

Translators: Why debt of honor owed

Afghan translators play a crucial role in bridging the cultural divide for the British military. But it has also made them a

Liberia denies resource deals violated laws

MONROVIA (Reuters) – The Liberian government denied on Friday it had violated its own laws in awarding resource contracts and pledged to